Write for Us: Writing Opportunity for Tea and Health Website

Do you fancy yourself as a health writer? Do you want to try your hand at writing about detoxing, tea and health, and are you able to meet strict deadlines and follow guidelines? If so, then you could be the perfect person to write for us. Before you rush to apply though, please read the guidelines below. Any enquiries that do not follow these do’s and don’ts will be automatically rejected and such enquiries will not receive a reply.

Write for Us: Health and Detox Guest Posts

Before we get to the guidelines, let’s make one thing clear: we do accept guest posts, but we only publish 1% of the ones we receive. This is not necessarily because we are strict, but because the vast majority of the articles we receive are poorly written, plagiarized and full of spammy links. If you sidestep all of this nonsense and actually try hard to please our editors, then there is no reason at all why we won’t invite you to write for us and accept your guest post.

What We Don’t Want

First, let’s cover the sort of stuff that we do not want to see. There are only a few guidelines here, but they are very important and breaking these rules can cause your query to be rejected outright.

  • Do Not: Send us full articles. You don’t need to go to the trouble of writing articles just for us to review them. We reject many more than we accept and we do not want to waste your time.
  • Do Not: Spam us. This includes sending us repeated requests, sending us copy and pasted messages (we’ve seen more than enough of these and can spot them from a mile away) and keep asking us if we will accept your post.
  • Do Not: Send us irrelevant content. We don’t want articles about gambling, nor do we want articles with links to porn, gambling, recreational drugs, law or forex trading.
  • Do Not: Send us badly written content. That includes articles that have been plagiarized, articles that have been written using a spinning or translation program, or articles that otherwise have no place on a respectable website.

What We’re Looking for

  • Do: Send us an initial approach. This does not need to include an original article (more on that later) but it should include a sample of content that you have written, details on why you want to write for us, what links you want to publish (include the full URL), and what publications you have written for in the past.
  • Do: Be prepared to write original content. While this does not need to be sent with your initial request, it is the sort of thing we need once you are accepted to write for us. This means that you can not plagiarize part or all of your articles, nor can you reblog anything that has been published elsewhere.
  • Do: Include one guest post link per article. This article should only be sent when we have agreed that you can write for us and the link should be placed in a relevant place in a relevant article. So, if you are planning to sneak in links about something that has nothing to do with tea, health or detoxing, you should avoid submitting a query.
  • Do: Make sure all future content is 1,000 words. This is a bare minimum and there are no exceptions. More is acceptable and your articles can be as long as you want, but we can’t take anything shorter.

If all of that sounds good to you then click onto our Contact Us page and let us know why you are a good fit.