Skinnymint Teatox Reviews

Introduction to Skinnymint Teatox Reviews

What is a Skinnymint Teatox? It is a natural tea detoxification program that involves only two steps. Subscribers of the program can choose the two weeks or the 28-day program.

The program involves taking a morning tea every morning and an evening tea once in two evenings.

It is important to understand that the teatox program is not a meal replacement. You, therefore need to take your meals as usual.

How does it work?

The Skinnymint is made using all natural ingredients. Each ingredient is specially selected for the unique properties it possesses. The ingredients are then combined to formulate a natural and unique two-step tea program.

In order to achieve the best results from the teatox experience, the program adopts two special blends of tea which are meant to complement each other to make the two-step program.

What does the package come with?

The 28-day package, which is also known as the ultimate teatox comes with 28-morning boost tea bags, and 14 night cleanse tea bags.

The 14-day package, also known as the starter Teatox comes with 14-morning boost tea bags and 7 night cleanse tea bags

There is also a third package called the besties value teatox. This one comes with 56 morning boost tea bags and 28 night cleanse tea bags. It simply comes as a double 28-day package,

Which program should I go for?

In order to attain maximum results of the teatox, the 28-day ultimate teatox program is recommended.

For a beginner, the 14 day starter program is a good option, but again it is recommended you go for the 28-day ultimate teatox program because most customers who have gone through the 14-day program end up subscribing to the 28-day program after their 6 weeks break.

Can one buy the morning boost or the night cleanse without having to buy the complete program?

Yes, you can. The morning boost is also recommended as a healthier substitute to coffee after completion of the teatox.

If you choose the night cleanse, remember to take it once every two nights. You should also remember to take a 6-week break if you were on the teatox program.

How to take the teas

The morning boost teabag should be taken every morning of the program, although it can also be taken any time of the day before 5 pm. This is because it contains caffeine and could cause insomnia if taken later than that.

The night cleanse tea bag should be taken once every two nights, starting from the first day of the program. So for example if your day one is on a Monday, you will take the night cleanse on that Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday and so on.

What are the precautions?

Lactating and expectant mothers should not drink the Skinnymint Teatox. For individuals below the age of 15 years, parental consent is important because decisions regarding their health is a responsibility of their parents

It is also important to check the ingredients of both the morning boost and the night cleanse to ensure you are not allergic to any of them.

If you have any medical condition, it is strongly advised you consult with your doctor before taking these teas

Are there any side effects?

The teas are made from naturally occurring ingredients. However, everyone is different and hence react differently to these ingredients. That is why it is recommended you first ensure you are not allergic to any of these ingredients before taking the teas.

Where can I purchase the Skinnymint Teatox

You can purchase both programs at the skinnymint official website “”

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