How to Detox from Drugs: Tips on Lifestyle, Teas and Supplements

Drug Detox

Your addiction is only your shame when you’re content to allow it to flourish and remain oblivious of the damage it’s doing. If you acknowledge what it’s doing to you and take steps to cure yourself of it, then there is nothing to be ashamed of. Many of us have struggled with addiction and we survive by letting the recovery, and not the addiction, define us. So, it’s time to make a change and learn more to begin the detox process with these tips.

Taper Slowly and with Respect

You didn’t respect the drug when you were taking it. If you did, then you wouldn’t have let it get the better of you. To beat the addiction, you need to respect the pull that it has over you and the damage that it can do. Your first step, therefore, is to learn about the dangers of going cold turkey with your particular substance of choice and then determine if a taper (where you reduce your dose slowly) is the better solution.

Focus on actual dangers and risks to your life as opposed to simply being uncomfortable. For instance, opioid addiction is very unpleasant, but unless you have a preexisting health condition, it’s not dangerous. Alcohol and benzodiazepines, on the other hand, are very dangerous when going cold turkey.

If you do decide to taper, then take it slowly and gradually make changes so that you have the lifestyle you want by the end of the taper, not on the first day. Rushing it like that will just trigger a relapse, overwhelming you and leaving you desperate for a fix. Take it easy.

Teas to Help with Drug Detox

We’re all about teas here on DetoxTeaBlog and believe it or not, there are a few that can help you to detox cleanly. They won’t make all of the withdrawal symptoms disappear, but in combination with some other tips on this page, they can work:

  • Turmeric: By reducing inflammation all over your body and providing a boost of antioxidants this spice can reduce unpleasant side effects associated with withdrawal from opioids and many other drugs. It can help with aches, pains and running noses, and it can also improve your immune system strength.
  • Camomile: Insomnia and anxiety are symptoms of all drug detoxes, and teas like camomile can help to soothe you and beat some of that anxiety and insomnia. Boil a pot of camomile on an evening, add some honey and sit and sip two or three cups to truly benefit from its relaxing proprieties.
  • Dandelion Root: A diuretic that is very effective but much gentler than many other diuretics out there. It is natural and it will help you to rid excess water and toxins from your body.
  • Green Tea: A potent antioxidant that can work wonders on your body and help with any detox. It has a small amount of caffeine, but it’s still enough for you to get a slight stimulating boost and this, along with the unique antioxidant compounds found in green tea, make it a must for any detox.
  • Yerba Mate: A healthy alternative to coffee that is packed with caffeine and other stimulants for a natural life. It will also help to soothe digestion and relieve constipation.

Supplements to Help with Drug Detox

There are loads of herbal supplements on the market aimed at people in withdrawals. Not all of these work. In fact, the majority do not. But there are some that do provide genuine benefits and may help you to detox from drugs.

  • Valerian: Also available as a tea, albeit one that tastes horrible, the best way to use valerian is as a tablet. It will relax you, tackling your anxiety and beating insomnia in ways that many other herbal medicines can’t.
  • Senna: Suffering from occasional constipation? Try this natural laxative. Take it on an evening, but don’t use everyday. It should work within 8 hours and does so by stimulating your bowel in a gentle way. If you are in opiate/opioid withdrawal, this is not recommended as such withdrawals can cause unpleasant diarrhea and senna will turn that not a nightmare of epic proportions.
  • Milk Thistle: A support supplement that can protect your liver. Your liver is a vital organ that can be damaged during excessive drug taking, but one that can also repair itself quickly when you change your lifestyle and improve your diet.

More Things to Help with Detox

Drug Detox Help
A healthy diet with plenty of water is just the ticket for a good detox. If some of that water comes in the form of healthy herbal teas, and is taken with the occasional supplement, even better. So make sure you find ways to work the following into your detox:

  • 5-HTP: A very useful herbal supplement that can battle many of the side effects associated with withdrawal from opiates and opioids.
  • Lavender Spray: By spraying lavender oil on your pillow at night or by adding a few drops to your bath water you can really improve your quality of sleep and help you relax and unwind. The scent of lavender triggers a soothing reaction in the brain, which is why it’s such a common herb in herbal sleeping tablets and teas.
  • Healthy Fats and Quality Protein: Your body needs a balanced diet with a preference for high quality proteins and fats, but when you’re going through a detox like this you will crave simple sugars and other foods that are bad for you. Try to focus more on healthy oils like olive oil, avocado, coconut oil and sunflower oil, as well as lean proteins, and avoid the stuff you know is bad for you. Your cravings might not be happy, but you will feel better for it in the long run.
  • Exercise: You can sweat the drugs out of you. Not literally, of course, but by exercising more you can improve your overall health, trigger a rush of endorphins that can ease certain withdrawal symptoms, and generally increase your resistance against the symptoms that have been dragging you down. It will also make you less likely to relapse and to experience side effects such as aching muscles and joints and restless leg syndrome.

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