Senna Leaf Tea

Introducing Senna Leaf Tea : Although the body is actually self-detoxifying through the skin, liver, and kidneys, going on a seasonal detox can help improve their functioning.

A detox can help your body flush out toxins, boost metabolism and improve your health.

The concept of detoxification has become quite popular in the recent past especially the use of detox teas like senna leaf tea thanks to the endorsements by celebrities.

There are also a number of other ways to detox your body as well including some simple lifestyle changes like cutting out sugar from your diet.

The health benefits of going on a detox include an improved immune system, metabolism boost which helps with your weight loss, clearer skin, and better health.

Although they have mainly been used for weight loss, they are also amazing for clearing up problematic skin, helping cleanse your colon and flush out other toxins that may be giving you that eternal jetlag feeing and also work wonders for people who have undergone strong treatments like chemotherapy, to help cleanse the system.

However, before embarking on a detox, you need to make sure that you know all the ingredients in everything you are taking and their effects, start slow and make sure you have your doctor’s nod.

For detox teas, different ingredients have different benefits and effects and should be taken with extreme care.

Detox teas

Senna leaf tea is one of the most common detox teas available. Senna is a herb whose fruits and leaves are used in medicine.

It has been approved by the FDA as a nonprescription laxative to treat constipation, clear the bowel before some tests like colonoscopy and treat hemorrhoids, irritable bowel syndrome and for weight loss.

It contains chemicals such as sennosides that irritate the bowel’s lining causing a laxative effect. It is therefore not recommended to use it for extended periods of time as it can cause diarrhea, dehydration, vomiting and electrolyte imbalance.

It can be used as an evening drink for a short period. If using senna leaf tea to detoxify especially for weight loss, you will only use water weight as its main effect is dehydrating.

To lose more than just water weight you will need to create a calorie deficit through exercise or by eating less.

Remember to not go under 1800 calories if you are a man or 1200 calories as a lady daily to prevent affecting your metabolism negatively. Senna needs a lot of caution to prevent serious side effects from the laxative effect.

Other detox teas include green tea, black tea, and chamomile, mint, and ginger and lemon tea. They should be taken without sugar in their pure form for better results.

More Detox Practices

Other ways you can detoxify your body include cutting your sugar intake, taking more water especially early in the morning, eating the right foods like organic fruits and vegetables and whole grains and including exercise and meditation into your lifestyle.

You also need to purify the air that you breathe by combating the environmental pollutants around you. Sweating it out in sauna is also a great way to detoxify your body and flush out toxins through one of the largest organ in the body: the skin.

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