Poppy Pod and Seed Tea Uses, Benefits and Effects

Poppy Pod Tea

Poppy pod tea is not something to be taken lightly. It’s not a herbal tea and while it is technically widely available, it’s not technically legal. This is a loophole and a grey area rolled into one and there are several things that anyone looking to drink poppy pod or poppy seed tea needs to be aware of.

Your life may depend on it.


Before we go ay further, we need to make something clear: we do not recommend that anyone consume this tea. We do not promote it in anyway and simply want to use the platform that we have here to inform and educate our readers

What is Poppy Pod and Seed Tea?

Poppy Pods

Poppy pod tea is an infusion made from poppy pods. These dried pods are from the papaver somniferum poppy, also known as the opium poppy. Poppy seed tea is an infusion made from poppy seeds, which also come from the opium poppy.

These teas are consumed for recreational purposes as both the pods and the seed contain trace amounts of opium, including alkaloids like morphine. A single poppy seed will not produce any notable effects because it does not have a large amount of the alkaloids found in opium. The same applies to a handful of the seeds, which is why they are used freely in baking.

However, these teas are made from huge amounts of seeds and when enough of them are used, a large extraction of the chemicals can be extracted. With poppy pods, it is easier to get a desirable amount of opium alkaloids as they contain a large amount of these chemicals per pod.

However, both of these cause massive problems that could end the life of the user.

Dangers of Poppy Pod and Seed Tea

The biggest danger is that it is very hard to gauge just how much of the desired chemicals are in the resulting infusion. Many users have died from consuming poppy seed tea because the trace amount of chemicals found in each seed can vary greatly, and when you’re using thousands of seeds and never knowing how much is in any of them, it means your dose can vary anywhere from “not enough” to “enough to kill a elephant”.

There is no way to make this process safe when using single extraction to produce a single recreational dose. And as addiction sets in and tolerance increases, more will be needed, which means the risks increase significantly.

With poppy pod tea it is easier to control the dose, but it can still vary greatly per pod and there are other issues as well. Many of the pods that end up in circulation have been sprayed with chemicals to preserve them and even to stop them from being used in this manner. These chemicals can be dangerous, especially when consuming several pods. It can result in severe sickness and even death.

What Are The Dangers of Poppy Pod and Seed Tea?

Besides the massive risk of overdose and death, you have the other issues associated with use of opium. And make no mistake about it, that’s what you’re consuming here. It may not be quite like the real thing, but most of the compounds that compose opium latex are found in the pods and the tea, which means consumption can trigger everything from severe constipation to low blood pressure and sedation.

There is a reason opium is no longer used today. It is a very unreliable and uncontrollable drug, one that causes a host of side effects and one that is highly addictive. It doesn’t take much to get addicted and it triggers very unpleasant withdrawal symptoms and side effects.

Some users claim to consume poppy pod tea and poppy seed tea because it relaxes them and they need it for mental health reasons. But in reality, this is not the substance for treating that kind of condition. It will certainly make you feel better, but only if you get the dose right, only if you avoid the side effects and only if you get pods that are not poisoned. That’s a lot of risks, and it’s simply not worth it.

If you are here because a loved one is drinking the tea and you would like to know more about it, then it might be time to sit them down and have a chat. Consult a medical professional and do what you can to get them off the tea immediately. If they are addicted and will therefore suffer withdrawals, then a doctor may be able to prescribe a mild opioid to reduce those withdrawal symptoms and make the process easier for them. It’s much better that they work under the controlled supervision of a doctor and take a milk opioid than dice with death by continuing to drink tea made from pods or seeds.

Why Are They Legal?

Poppy Seed Tea

So if pods and seeds are so dangerous, causing death, addiction and severe sickness, why are they legal?

Well, they are becoming less and less legal as lawmakers realize the extent at which users are dying and becoming addicted. It used to be that poppy seeds were sold freely because they were used in cooking and to an extent that remains the case, but there are more restrictions on bulk purchases now.

As for pods, they used to be available freely because they were used in crafts. The pods, just like the flowers, are beautiful and unique and they make for cool crafts. Thankfully, they are now much harder to find as many were using them for illegal purposes. The pods are often the more sought-after, but the people who sell them for crafts may be selling them with dangerous sprays or coatings, potentially without knowing. The ones who sell them with the knowledge that they are being used to make tea may advertise the fact that they are natural, but in doing so and in promoting recreational poppy use like this they may be breaking the law.

You could also be breaking the law simply by purchasing these pods to make into a tea. Putting all of that together, from the risks you take every time you measure a dose (especially with the seeds) to the fact that you don’t know where they have come from, and the risk of addiction and side effects, it’s safe to say that this is not a tea you should be drinking.

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