The Best Detox Foods: What Works and What Doesn’t

Best Detox Foods

Tea is not the only thing that can detox you. There are also many detox foods that can cleanse you, helping to flush out those toxins and replace them with a host of vitamins, minerals and other benefits. What follows is a list of the very best detox foods to help you through an effective detox.


This go-to weight-loss food has adorned the breakfast tables of many dieters over the years. It has somewhat of an acquired taste, being both sweet and bitter, but it also has many amazing properties.

One of the most intriguing studies done on grapefruit concluded that eating half a grapefruit a day was enough to shed several pounds extra of fat over the course of several weeks. A study published in the journal Metabolism suggested that it could help dieters to lose an extra inch on their waist even when not making any other change to their diet, while other research has linked grapefruit to improved metabolism, deceased appetite, and more.

One Japanese study even found evidence that it could switch on fat burning cells in the body—just one of the many ways it seems that grapefruit is able to help you lose weight and therefore aid with a detox.


This beautifully colored vegetable contains some unique antioxidant compounds that help to repair damage done to your liver on a cellular liver, improving its abilities to cleanse and detox like all good detox foods should.

Your liver is at the center of every detox. When you overeat, consume too much sugar or drink too much alcohol it is your liver that suffers the most. By consuming detox foods like this you are doing all you can to support this vital organ and make sure it has the nutrients that it needs to do its job and keep you safe and healthy.


This can be consumed as a tea, as described in our guide to turmeric tea, but it is a food first and is best enjoyed as a spice. You can add it to main meals like curries, or you can add it to lentil dishes, sauces, and more. And when you learn just how beneficial it is, you will want to add it to everything.

The main compound in turmeric is curcumin. This compound has been linked to an array of health benefits, including anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory effects. It has anti-cancer properties, may be able to reduce pain associated with inflammation and, according to one study, can also reduce bile duct blockage and help with many other digestive disorders.

Kiwi Fruits

This is a super detox food that many nutritionists are getting excited about, and rightly so. Not only has it been connected with a reduction in the symptoms of IBS ad other digestive disorders, but it is also loaded with a host of vitamins and minerals, much more than you might expect.

A single kiwi fruit, for instance, has just 40 to 45 calories, yet it provides you with over 100% of your RDA of vitamin C and also gives you a signifiant injection of many other essential nutrients. There are also many studies connecting kiwi fruits with weight-loss, so much so that it has even become popular with bodybuilders who swear by its potential to burn excess fat without impacting on lean muscle mass.

If anyone knows how to stay trim and remain in complete control of their bodies at all time, they do.


Detox Foods

Known as a springtime vegetable that makes your urine smell a little funny and tastes great wrapped in ham, asparagus may also be a potent detox food. It is a mild diuretic, which can increase the amount of urine that your body expels and therefore hasten the detox process. But this vegetable is also said to be a potent hangover cure thanks to its high concentration of amino acids, minerals and vitamins, as well as a wealth of antioxidants.

It may be able to protect your liver, which means it is the perfect food to consume on the morning after a heavy night on the town.


One of the most potent superfoods and detox foods in the world, tomatoes are loaded with fiber, antioxidants and vitamins. One of the most helpful of these goes by the name lycopene, and has been connected with everything from reduced skin cancer rates to improved cardiovascular health. It could be one of the reasons why people in the Mediterranean—where they consume this superfood every day—have lower rates of many forms of cancer than the rest of us.


This may seem like a surprise inclusion on this list, but there is a reason for it being here. Many of them in fact.

Firstly, mustard has been shown to provide a 25% boost to the metabolism according to one study performed in the UK, the home of English Mustard. The unique fiery kick that mustard provides does more than just wake-up your tastebuds, it also seems to wake up your metabolism and your weight-loss potential as a result.

What’s more, mustard is very low in calories, with just 13 for every 10 grams. A single teaspoon of mustard—providing it’s the super-hot English mustard—on your lean meat sandwich or your salad can provide an additional detox boost to help you meet your goals.

Sweet Potatoes

This root vegetable has received a lot of attention in recent years, being hailed as superfood that provides a calorific punch of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. This vegetable is heavy on the healthy starches, but it also contains lots of carotenoids, also found in carrots. This pigment, along with the many other vitamins and minerals found in sweet potato, make this a true superfood worthy of praise and worth including in any detox plan.


Research has found that a diet rich in bananas could reduce digestive distress and bloat significantly. These potassium-rich superfoods may be able to reduce stomach distention by as much as 50%, curbing problems associated with excessive flatulence, indigestion and limited gut bacteria.

The potassium may also help to make you more defined by reducing water retention. All in all, while it seems like bananas are the sort of stodgy food that you would want to avoid if you’re looking to trim down, they could be exact what you need.

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