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Do you have a question, comment or suggestion? You can use the contact form at the bottom of this page, allowing up to three days for us to see and respond to your message. But before you send us anything, please take a look at our FAQs first.

Are These Herbal Teas Safe for Me?

We cannot give medical advice regarding the safety of the herbal teas that we discuss. Many herbal teas should not be consumed by pregnant women and by people with preexisting health conditions, but because of the vast array of herbal teas available and the many different potential health problems, we can’t say anything for sure. You need to take this up with your doctor.

Are You Affiliated with Any Companies?

At the time of writing we rely on minimal advertising from companies like Adsense. They send their ads based on an individual’s information, something that is out of our hands and handled entirely by Google and other ad networks.

We may use affiliates in the future, but they will not impact on our reviews, our opinions or anything else.

I Spotted an Issue, Will you Change it?

Of course. Everyone makes mistakes, including us. If you notice an issue with regards to the text, the layout or compatibility then just let us know and we will correct it if possible.

Can You Link to Me?

We have been getting many requests to link to infographics, images and other information. We really appreciate the time and effort you have put into these things and we can understand the need you have to showcase them on many relevant sites. However, we do not make a habit of changing articles that have already been published, or of linking to external sites that do not show important, relevant studies or research.

We are also not interested in swapping links. Thankfully, these requests are getting less frequent, but we still see them and it’s just not something that we are able to do.

Will You Buy my [Insert Service]?

We can’t tell you how many times we have been offered services such as SEO links, content, designing, WP themes and more. We have to regard this as spam, because that’s clearly what it is. We are not in the business of giving money to people who approach us with unsolicited requests, nor are we interested in any of the services being offered.

Please do not send us these requests as they will be ignored.

I Didn’t Receive a Reply to my Message

Most of the messages we get are to ask us if we received a previous message, usually a spam message. The truth is, we have to ignore the messages that blatantly disregard this FAQ, including the messages that are sending us copy and pasted spam requests, and if you send us follow-up messages to ask us if we received your spam, these will be ignored as well.

Repeat requests of this nature (this doesn’t apply to genuine questions that may have slipped through the net) will be reported as spam.

Can I Write for You?

If you want to write for us then click onto our Write For Us page and send us some of your details. There are guidelines on this page to tell you what we are looking for and what you should not be sending us.

You can use this page whether you are looking to submit a guest post, a review, or anything else. Just understand that there is a difference between these kind of submissions and sponsored placements. If you are looking to review your own product or service, or anything along these lines, then we may not be able to allow it.

Just contact us in the first instance as we can discuss further.