About Us

The Detox Tea Blog team number in the very few. In fact, there is really only one of us. However, this still feels like more of a community project because there are two other people who have helped with bits and pieces and the owner has also received a little help and a lot of support from family members and friends.

Who Owns Detox Tea Blog

As mentioned above, Detox Tea Blog is project that has had some input from several people, but really it all comes down to one man: me. I won’t go into detail about who I am, because I don’t think any of that is relevant. You don’t need to know my name because none of that connects to herbal teas and detoxes in anyway.

However, my journey is relevant and if not for my journey I would not have created this website.

In my youth I was not the healthiest individual. I didn’t take drugs and I didn’t even drink a lot of alcohol, but my diet was terrible and the only exercise I got was from walking to the local shop to buy junk food and soda. I spent many years of my life in that stage and while I wasn’t obese by the end of it, I was very unhealthy.

When I finally tried to turn my life around it was a struggle. I couldn’t exercise because I would be out of breath instantly and I would ache for days afterward even at the slightly amount of effort. So I decided to focus on my diet.

I tried many different detoxes, but none of them worked and they left me out of pocket and frustrated. I realized that most of these detox programs were nonsense, built on the back of big lies and small ingredients. So I stopped buying onto them and started doing some research of my own. The more I dug, the more I realized that there was a world of amazing substances out there, substances that could help with a detox, as well as ones that could prolong my lifespan.

I began consuming them in the form of tea, trying to drink one everyday. After a week, I felt great. So I drank more, and more. Within a few weeks I was drinking half a dozen cups of tea a day, consuming everything from occasional cups of senna and dandelion, to regular cups of turmeric and more.

A year later I was drinking even more tea and in the best shape of my life.

Why I Created Detox Tea Blog

In creating this site I wanted to tell the world about the many benefits of certain types of tea, while also telling the truth about detox drinks. Sure, some of these work, but the majority do not. Detox Tea Blog was my way of shouting the benefits of things like turmeric and dandelion from the rooftops and making sure that everyone knew about them and was able to benefit from them in the same way that I was.

So, if you are stuck in a similar rut to the one that I was in, then just know that there is a way out and many of the healthy, natural teas discussed on this website can be the foundation of that escape.