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Welcome to Detox Tea Blog, the home of great teas and even better detoxes on the World Wide Web. If you want to flush out those toxins and turn over a new leaf with regards to your health, then you have come to the right place.

What is Detox Tea Blog?

It’s all in the name. We are dedicated to detox-worthy teas, herbal teas and pretty much every other kind of healthy herb that can be made into a soothing hot tea or an ice cold infusion. The definition of “tea” is quite broad depending on who you ask, and we like to use it in the loosest sense here. That way we can cover a greater number of herbs and plants and a wider spectrum of spices, ensuring you learn more about the teas that can improve your health.

Detox Tea Blog is run by a very small group. As a result, we focus on fewer articles that are of a higher quality. On the downside, it means you won’t see hundreds of new articles uploaded to the site. On the upside, it means you will never see articles that contradict ones that have been published before and you will only read about teas that really are healthy and really are beneficial.

We write about the teas we believe the world should know about. How many times have you read about a new miraculous herb that can apparently change your health for the better, cure cancer and do many other amazing things, only to think to yourself, “Why have I never heard about this before?” It’s like these things don’t exist until they become fad superfoods, at which point everyone wants a piece of them.

It is our goal to tell you about the herbs and the plants that can change your life before they become big fad superfoods. This includes spices that have been used in ancient medicines, herbs that have been a part of shamanic rituals, and even vegetables that are at the heart of some very interesting research.

Learn More About Detox Tea Blog

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If you’re ready to start using our site and start seeing what content we have for you, then just click the categories or the recent posts to the right of this page and start searching. If you want to read about more great new superfoods and superteas, then simply bookmark this page and make sure you check back on a regular basis. We try to introduce our readers to at least 5 new and exciting teas and herbs a week, but some weeks we may cover more.

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